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Project Update 12/2011

Dec 14, 2011 at 11:45 PM

Hi everyone!

My name is Terry. I am the original author of PSTSDK, and wrote pretty much every line of code in the mainline version of PSTSDK. I've been contacted by a number of people about the status of the project, so I thought a public post on the subject was needed.

The first piece of news I want to communicate is that I'm no longer with Microsoft. I loved my time there, but last month I decided on a change in the direction of my career and moved to another software company in the Seattle area.

What does this mean for PSTSDK? Although I initially created the project in my spare time, I was only able to do with what what was then inside knowledge of the workings of the PST (this was prior to the publication of [MS-PST]). In addition, I did a significant amount of work under the direction and support of Microsoft. I thus consider PSTSDK entirely the property of Microsoft. I'm not sure what Microsoft's plans are for the project, but I won't be part of it since I no longer work there.

However, in true open source fashion, and in compliance with the license Microsoft makes available to everyone for PSTSDK (including me), I forked the project in order to finish up a few items on my todo list. That's available at (Fairport was the original codename of PSTSDK). Note that this project is GPL, so PSTSDK (Apache) might still work better for you.

The documentation (automatically build from source) is available at The project right now is largely identical to PSTSDK, but check the changelog for details.

So to summarize, this is the current status of the PSTSDK as I see it:

  • I'm no longer involved
  • Write support was mostly implemented in a seperate branch (but not highly tested) by another dev at Microsoft. You'll have to pull the sources yourself, it hadn't been released officially by the time I had left.
  • I'm generally not going to be reading/responding/providing support on the PSTSDK forums
  • If you want to get ahold of me, file a bug, or have a feature request your best bet is github.