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How to deal with LocalFreebusy Item ?

Nov 19, 2014 at 10:54 AM

I am writing a code to extract emails from PST files, I have the following code to get the total number of messages in the PST file:
for(pstsdk::pst::folder_iterator iter = pPst->folder_begin() ; iter != pPst->folder_end() ; iter++)
      nMsgCount += (int)iter->get_message_count();
and I have a PST file that has one single message in the junk Mail folder. I noticed that the message count returned is 2 while I'm expecting 1. while iterating over these messages I noticed the additional message has subject "LocalFreebusy", I used a viewer other than MS-Outlook and I noticed it is a message object located in a folder called "FreeBusy Data" and is considered as a message object but it has no body(neither RTF nor HTML nor Plain text).

My question is, how to exclude this item from count? I tried a trivial solution to exclude it by subject comparing, but I may have a real email subjected with the same name in other folders!!
does this item has a special type or some special property ??

Thanks in advance.